NanoByte Structure Editor  0.4.10
WinForms library for building split-screen editors for data structures
NanoByte.StructureEditor.PropertyDescription< TContainer, TProperty, TEditor > Class Template Reference

Describes a type of property in the structure. More...

Inheritance diagram for NanoByte.StructureEditor.PropertyDescription< TContainer, TProperty, TEditor >:
NanoByte.StructureEditor.Description< TContainer >

Public Member Functions

 PropertyDescription (string name, Func< TContainer, PropertyPointer< TProperty?>> getPointer)
 Creates a new property description. More...
override IEnumerable< NodeGetNodesIn (TContainer container)
 Returns information about nodes of this type found in a specific instance of TContainer .
override IEnumerable< NodeCandidateGetCandidatesFor (TContainer container)
 Returns information about possible new child nodes of this type for a specific instance of TContainer .

Detailed Description

Describes a type of property in the structure.

Template Parameters
TContainerThe type of the container containing the property.
TPropertyThe type of the property.
TEditorAn editor for modifying the content of the property.
Type Constraints
TContainer :class 
TProperty :class 
TProperty :IEquatable<TProperty> 
TProperty :new() 
TEditor :INodeEditor<TProperty> 
TEditor :new() 

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PropertyDescription()

NanoByte.StructureEditor.PropertyDescription< TContainer, TProperty, TEditor >.PropertyDescription ( string  name,
Func< TContainer, PropertyPointer< TProperty?>>  getPointer 

Creates a new property description.

nameThe name of the property.
getPointerA callback for retrieving a pointer to the property in a container.

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